The REF format

CIFs have not to be located at the COD server side, this is the Web magic. If there is a CIF available somewhere in the Internet, the COD can provide a link to it. Thus, a minimal information can be sufficient to enter data in COD, allowing the search for cell parameters, volume, chemical formula, reference including text in publication title, authors, journal, year. Therefore, one can now deposit either CIF (preferably) or REF files to the COD.

A REF file is quite simple to build in a few seconds by a text editor. It contains 4 lines :
    1- reference as complete as possible (or/and comments if any)
    2- chemical formula with spaces (ex : C2 H6 O) 
    3- the 6 cell parameters in angstrom and degree : a b c alpha beta gamma separated by one space
    4- space group in Hermann Mauguin notation, no space necessary between characters
A REF file can contain a large (no limit) series of 4 lines data (references + minimal crystal data) separated by an empty line.

Example for 2 entries (in blue) in the same REF file (named arbitrarily : cod35349.ref) :

A.J. Mora, A.N. Fitch, The low-temperature crystal structure of RS-camphor, J. Solid State Chem 134 (1997) 211-214.
C10 H16 O
6.8341 11.6584 11.5000 90. 90. 90.

C. Feldmann, M. Jansen, To the knowledge of cis-sodium hyponitrite, Z. Anorg. Allg. Chem. 623 (1997) 1803-1809.
Na2 N2 O2
5.107 9.211 6.159 90. 97.91 90.

It is obvious here that the best way for you is to use your own list of publication references which provides the largest part of the job already done. Then only add the chemical formula, the cell parameters and the space group for every reference
 (however, please check if the entries are not already in COD, deposited by a co-author).
Thanks !
Have you the permission to do so ? Is it ethical ? We at COD think definitely YES !

Updated 15/05/2003