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Updated November 2009 : 1.062.771 entries in the PCOD
The largest collection of CIFs in the world
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Content : 
PCOD contains (see the complete list) inorganic compounds (silicates, phosphates, sulfates of Al, Ti, V, Ga, Nb, Zr, zeolites, fluorides, etc) predicted - or enumerated - mainly by ZEFSA II (898.707 SiO2 entries) or by GRINSP (163.520 entries), or by other programs.
Derived product :
The P2D2 (Predicted Powder Diffraction Database) contains all powder patterns calculated from the PCOD, assembled in a system allowing for search-match (by EVA from Bruker).

All data on this site have been placed in the public domain by the contributors 
Have also a look at the COD containing really observed crystal structures.